In 1974 when ABBA walked on stage, on the Eurovision Song Contest, people at the time couldn't believe how hip they looked and Europe's leading fashion designers were bowled over by how forward in trend they appeared.

Yet today people mock these Eurovision costumes for being ridiculous but guessing that's just because people forget or don’t know about fashion history.


Look at Frida’s (Lisa's) gear. The long mixed print tiered outfit. Now either consciously or subconsciously this was inspired by the trendy designers of the time like John Bates or Bill Gibb. The multi-toned Maxi Dresses that pulled from a nostalgic eclectic folksy feel combined with platforms heeled boots - these really were the height of hip in terms of 70s street style.

Agnetha’s (Suzi's) triumphant costume looks like it’s straight out of London’s Kings Road Countdown Boutique- arguably the very trendiest of Britain's retailers in the early 1970s.

We think the best bit is how both the girl's and the boy's jackets are peppered with chains, pins, badges, and patches. We think perhaps Inger Svenneke (Waterloo costume designer) was channeling the first flashes of Punk Rock style - as London was just beginning to emerge with this. The band would have been aware of the Punk thing too being musicians. It's very interesting to see these sort of Punk ideas coming through with ABBA 1974!